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Our product is organically grown in Mongolia, and Mongolian soil is pure.

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Health Programs

Let's Balance Your Body

Based on Ancient Asian wisdom and Modern nutritional science, we use the Gut, The 5 elements, and foods that balance and nurture the body and soul to create a personalized and unique plan for you.

21 Days Weight Loss Program

Are you looking for a truly personalized weight loss program designed only for you and your unique system, instead of following another generic trend?

21 Days Improve The Gut Program

“What foods should I eat?” For people who have digestive health issues, this is a common question. The answer is not so simple.

28 Days 5 Elements Balance Program

Do you suffer from chronic disease and seek a holistic nutritional alternative? Or are you looking to prevent chronic disease?

14 Days Detox Program

Do you want to clean out your body and start anew? Then our 14-day detox plan is a great place to start.

Revealing the magic of
“food as medicine”

  • In Modern Nutrition
    Functional food has a potentially positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition.
  • In Ancient Nutrition
    Functional food has a specific healing essence that helps repair and rebuild the function of particular organs.
  • In The Result
    More energy/ better digestion/ healthy weight loss/ clear skin/ clear eyes/ balanced mood. Detox & cleanse


The result is amazing. You will be more focused, with stable emotions, stronger immunity, your metabolism will recover to improve your shape, any type of skin problem may disappear, and your energy will improve.
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